"THE (773)" A Chicagoan's CHANGE...


An active as a television productions network in the Chicago (773) areas Sound Stage production-Entertainment...


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"THE (773)" Production Services

"THE (773)" Chicagoan's Story, CHANGE...

multimedia production company

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the company's TV production studio and corporate headquarters for Harpo's...

Operates as a television film production company.

Corporate Partners Network, has teams in production designs, lighting, camera work, editing, audio direction and graphic design. It also served as the location for the set.  

Operates as a television and video production company.



A new dramatic TV series Starring Eric Lane and Jose Santiago Jr. 2 men from opposite sides of the track, battle for control of the city and their souls.

"THE (773) CHANGE"

A new dramatic TV series Starring Eric Lane and Jose Santiago Jr.

Chicago becomes a battleground for two gangs looking to dominate the streets in this series pilot that aims to portray a more complex human reality than the controversial Film...

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